CrossFit SouthWest Regionals Compet ...

I’m posting this while watching the final heats for the Affiliate team competition in order to qualify for the annual CrossFit Games.

Teams from California, Arizona, and Hawaii converged on UC Irvine’s campus to jump rope, sprint, pass batons, flip tires, and carry logs together in true CrossFit fashion.

While CrossFit Petaluma’s team didn’t move on to the Games, we went out and made our presence known.

The take-away from this weekend’s competition? CrossFit competitions are for EVERYBODY. All shapes, all sizes. Just no poor sports.

We would love to put a team together for CrossFit Sonoma County next year. If nothing else, it’s one more motivator to train for.

We look forward to growing our Santa Rosa family, and seeing up and coming competitors and spectators alike.

11 Responses to “CrossFit SouthWest Regionals Competition”

  1. Kory:

    i am sorry to hear that the team didn’t move on, but i am proud that you all competed. i hope next year brings greater success!!!

  2. Rachel:

    Kory…start training hard! I’ve already signed you up for next years team :)

  3. Kory:

    rach, oh REALLY!?!?!??!

  4. Rachel:

    Try it, you will love it!

    • admin:


  5. Rachel:

    Team Sonoma County vs. Team Petaluma…set the date and bring it!

    • admin:

      A terrifying and inevitable challenge.

  6. Kory:

    that might be fun. i have a feeling s.r. is a little more green than petaluma….

  7. Rachel:

    I can’t wait!

  8. Michael:

    I watched day-1 and was blown away. Was Sarah there? I took some screenshots of what looked like Sarah from a distance, anywho.

    You guys = unbelievable.

  9. Rachel:

    Of course Sarah was there :-)